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From teenage treats to adult delights.

When I first bought these apothecary jars, my daughter was in high school and I was intent on using them to serve her and friends some fun healthy breakfast ideas, ones that she could even take across the street to school with her.

The jars have since followed me around from Florida, through a 3-year stint in California, and arrived with me, alongside other functionally decorative treasures I make good use of, when I moved to Carbondale.

Today, though, marks the graduation of these jars as their service these last few months has worn on them; and as so many guests enjoy their breakfast parfaits at the Yidz Inn, it was time for new ones - and here they are!

Now these of course are serious adult 8-ounce heavy duty glass, stainless-steel-fixture apothecary jars, and I couldn't be happier to invest in a new stronger, more durable set to serve our popular breakfast parfaits.

Can't wait to try them out for our next guests!

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