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Sukkot 5784

for Single Jewish Women

Full festival, 11 nights

Arrive Thurs Sept 28

Depart Mon Oct 9

5 & 6 night options also available





2400 Chautauqua Road

Carbondale, IL 62901

How to get here:

* Fly into Chicago O'Hare, then take Contour Airlines to Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois, Marion

* Take the Amtrak from Chicago

* Driving distance from 5 neighboring states

Are you a single Jewish woman seeking a meaningful experience this Sukkot? The Yidz Inn is offering a unique opportunity to celebrate the festival of Sukkot in a serene and soul-nurturing country environment. Located in a charming historic home, you'll be part of an immersive and spiritually enriching experience.

What to expect:

Up to eight Jewish women enjoying a large country house to celebrate Sukkos with culinary delights and camaraderie. Spacious rooms, lots of quiet areas in and around the property. 


Consider it your Sukkos Shabbos pad; with a nature-connect to stimulate and strengthen your soul.

Sukkah attached to the house, large cozy living room with brick fireplace and glowing gas fire, a designated dining room, workshop room for exercise, on-site massage and creative arts, and an outdoor patio overlooking the woods.

A few feet from the property, gorgeous Green Earth Foundation Chautauqua Bottoms tree-lined nature trails for restorative and invigorating short or longer walks.


Chol Hamoed Activities

There are several exciting optional chol hamoed activities to choose from a la carte, some of which are on-site and some which take us on a lovely drive through the countryside.

Any associated activities fees are paid directly by each person.

Sarah_Giant City.HEIC

Giant City State Park

Gentle hiking along planned walking trails amidst a magnificent landscape.


Horseback Riding

Group forest riding trails, and therapeutic riding classes.


Meet the Alpacas

Visit a local Alpaca farm, meet the Alpacas & find unique gifts in the store.



Six nearby lakes: Easy and refreshing on the tranquil Southern Illinois waters.

Purple Simple Aesthetic Massage and Spa logo.png

On-site Massage

Indulge in therapeutic relaxation with rejuvenating massage.

Pottery Workshop


Unleash your artistic side as you engage in authentic pottery at a local village.


Zip lining

World class zip lining - feel the thrill as you soar through the treetops.

IMG_9562 2.heic

Life-Coaching & Art

Explore your inner self and creativity with these transformative sessions.


Chautauqua Bottoms

Tree-lined walking trails through the woods, a few feet from the Yidz Inn.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 9.32.11 AM.png


Torah insights for Sukkos, chol hamoed, Hoshana Rabbah, Shemini Atzerres & Simchas Torah.

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