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Surprised into stillness

Standing silently mesmerized and in awe, as from my kitchen window I watched a bird with a beak full of twigs take aim for the bird's nest hat positioned under the porch rafters.

The hat has been there since before I have, and I've seen twigs sticking out before, but this morning as I was pouring myself a cup of tea, I saw the tiny fluttering of wings and twigs all bunched up in its beak, as it landed on the patio table.

It quickly examined the height and distance to the hat, before making a perfect take off and landing. Another quick look around, and then a deep dive into the nest to lay down the bunches of nesting material it had chosen from the flourishing ecosytem.

Then, out the beak pops, a swift alter look around, before another fast take-off for more nest nourishiment. Back and forth, many times over. What a sight to see.

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