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Frosty months, warmed by the soft cedar aroma of the wood burning stove; marshmallows included. 

Southernmost Illinois snow is crisp and clean and you can miss the magic as it doesn't last long. 

High 41F° /  Low 22F°


Cold and bright.

Sloughing off the snow, behold the birds & the blooms. 

High 46F° /  Low 25F°


Spring bursts in.

The whole Megillah.

Morning gasps spill into air, with each new bloom that doth grow there.

High 56F° /  Low 34F°


Pungent lilac.

Cool calm waters, gentle motions, drive-in kayaking, ziplining through the forest on world class lines, lilac's pungent aroma, hummingbirds hovering for honeysuckle. Wild Morel mushroom picking, tulip and lavender fields, the bounce of spring on the path.

High 68F° /  Low 44F°


The blooming month.

The daily blossoming of G-d's floral creations. It's here, but then it's gone... visit soon :) 

High 77F° /  Low 54F°


Blueberries, butterflies, honey bees, birthing birds & lavender fields.

Gorgeous sunsets, sweet juicy blueberries, memorable hikes, quiet nights.

High 85F° /  Low 63F°


Summer reigns.

Deer encounters, fresh-picked sweet tomatoes, juicy peaches, bee and butterfly pollinators, misty trails, late blooming surprises, every day.

High 89F° /  Low 67F°


Full-on summer.

Geese and goslings, family outings, home-grown tomatoes, pastured cows, lake beaches and parks, kayaking on cool crystal clear lakes.

High 88F° /  Low 64F°


Farm trails, sunflowers & zenias.

Children's parks, lake beaches, local goat farming and produce trails with fresh flower farms, herb growers, beekeepers making honey, balmy evenings.

High 81F° /  Low 56F°



Sukkos packages, usually perfect weather. Green Earth nature trails 1000 feet from the property; we recommend the longer shorter one :)

High 70F° /  Low 43F°


The breathtaking colors of fall.

Clean, clear fall fresh air, blue skies, rich red and golden tree hues, hiking and horse riding, kosher Thanksgiving, board games by the warmth and intoxicating cedar aroma of the soft kindling wood stove.

High 57F° /  Low 35°F



Eight nights of lights, home-made crispy latkes and apple sauce, misty wonders. 

High 45F° /  Low 27F°

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