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SIU Southern Illinois University 

Known for its world class Aviation, Mechanics & Engineering, Hospitality & Tourism, Music, and Media & TV programs!

Founded in 1869, SIU has an enrollment of about 11,000 students, with nearly 36% being minority students.


SIU Carbondale is a doctoral research institution, enrolling students from throughout the U.S. and around the world.


In addition to several colleges, SIU has a School of Medicine and a School of Law.


Aspiring Jewish pilots, lawyers, engineers, or media moguls? At SIU, Jewish students can attend Automotive, Fermentation Science, Forensic Psychology, Hospitality & Tourism, Media & TV departments, and can train to fly at SIU's distinctive Aviation program.


Unable to fully practice Jewish life at the boarding school I attended in England, I became determined that for my kitchen to be pleasing to Hashem, and fully inclusive, it would first be kosher. Over the years I learned to incorporate healthy home-made parve and meat meals, without the need for store-bought processed and preservative-filled food items.


With this in mind, the Yidz Inn can offer boarding accommodations to Jewish students, without the need for them to depart from their Jewish practice. 

Please submit an inquiry via email here for more information.

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